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Navigating Child Support Issues in Arizona


The responsibility of a parent to financially provide for their children isn’t just an obligation — it’s also a moral duty. When determining what is an appropriate amount, the goal of the state’s guidelines is to approximate the amount that would have been spent on the child if the parents had remained living together. 

Child support issues are a complicated matter, and it’s always best to have a law firm on your side, and David M. Wilson Law Office will be glad to assist you through this process because maintaining financial normalcy is not always possible after divorce. 

How Does Child Support Work in Arizona?

Child support takes precedence over any other financial obligation a parent might have. This is because the state puts the needs of the child first.

The Arizona Supreme Court has established a universal standard that is applied the same across the board. However, there are some exceptions that allow for the court to show some discretion when calculating the amount of child support when a written finding is made. This can happen if the applications of the state guidelines resulted in an amount that would be inappropriate or unjust.

Here are the factors the Arizona Supreme Court takes into consideration when establishing and revising its guidelines:

The financial resources and needs of the child.

The financial resources and needs of the custodial parent.

The standard of living the child would have enjoyed if the child lived in an intact home with both parents to the extent it is economically feasible.

The physical and emotional condition of the child, and the child's educational needs.

The financial resources and needs of the noncustodial parent.

The medical support plan for the child.

Excessive or abnormal expenditures, destruction, concealment or fraudulent disposition of community, joint tenancy and other property held in common.

The duration of parenting time and related expenses.

Hire an Experienced Family and Divorce Attorney

Having read all this, are you wondering what your options are for child support in Arizona? If so, you’re not alone. While the amount of child support you pay or receive is determined by a formula approved by the Arizona Supreme Court, from time-to-time it might be necessary to seek adjustments.

For example, providing for a household or needing support to maintain a household can be a financial hardship in which you find yourself. When there are job losses or even windfalls that should be awarded to the child, we are there to modify your child support order to promote fairness between you and your former spouse.

There’s no need to handle this alone. You need an experienced and knowledgeable family attorney when court proceedings are unavoidable. You can count on more than 25 years of experience with David M. Wilson Law Office.

David Wilson Law is here to help you during difficult family law issues. We represent clients on either side of any family issue and do our best to help both parties live in peace and coexist.

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