Get Divorced Without the Fight or Without Ever Going to Court

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Get Divorced Without the Fight or Without Ever Going to Court

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David M. Wilson - Family Law Attorney

Why you need a Family Law Attorney

Whether you are dealing with divorce, child custody, or other related family law issues, getting help from an experienced family law attorney is essential. 

Family law issues are complex for most people to handle, and getting help from an experienced and successful family law attorney can make the difference. A lawyer can guide you through the emotional conflict and help you understand how to approach your case in a way that may provide you with the most favorable outcomes.

Unlike many other law firms in Yavapai County that try to handle multiple legal practice areas, we only focus on family law at David M. Wilson Law Office. By focusing solely on family law matters, we can understand the various nuances and types of issues that arise. We work hard to prevent them from negatively impacting our clients’ cases. 

When you meet with Dave, he will carefully listen and offer an honest, straightforward evaluation of your legal issue. He will assist in identifying the best strategy that might help you obtain your desired outcome. Dave can negotiate settlements that reasonably protect clients, their children, and their interests in many cases. Dave is prepared to litigate on your behalf in court through trial if a settlement cannot be reached.

Dave Wilson has decades of experience and has won numerous trials on behalf of his clients, and is dedicated to protecting your rights in your family law issue.



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Family disputes are difficult enough without the frustrations of complex and often confusing legal issues associated with them. David M. Wilson Law Office recognizesthe inherent emotional complexities of family and divorce legal issues.

We handle every case with delicacy. At David M. Wilson Law Office, we understand that your case is unique, and you can count on our experience and expert team to give you the personalized attention you need.

We sit down with you and help you understand all of
your options under the law. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, child custody issues or simply wanting to learn your rights, attorney David M. Wilson helps you get the best possible outcome quickly and as easy as possible, often without ever going to trial!

Call David M. Wilson Law Office today to schedule an appointment and allow us to help you navigate through these issues.

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